Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

Freelance Web Developer
Located in Lincoln, Nebraska

Open to job opportunities, collaborations, and investment proposals.

About Me

Hey, I'm Dennis! 👋

I'm a self- taught web developer from Lincoln, Nebraska. I'm currently working in the restaurant industry but I'm looking to transition into a software development or design role and I'm open to internships as well. I have a proficient understanding of React.js and moderate experience working with Next.js, Express.js, and Typescript. I also have a bit of experience working with PostgreSQL and MySql. In fact, this entire application is built using the Next.js framework with MySQL as my Database.

My Current Projects

Point of Sales and Business Management tool for restaraunts

This is currently my main project and has been in the works for a few months. My main goal for this project is to introduce a new POS software that simplifies and speeds up the work-flow for employees and management in the restaurant business. I've had many years of experience in the restaurant industry and have used various brands of software to do my job, and they are all missing some of the most important pieces of functionality.

Personal Recipe App

My current side- project is a simple application for people to keep track of all their favorite recipes and build meal plans. The end goal is a feature- rich SaaS Application that offers a free tier with limited capabilities. Mainly with this application I only intend on using it to build on my experience but do not see much potential for a marketable product.

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